Flawless Sabrina Archive is a Non-Profit Organization founded by Flawless Sabrina, Zackary Drucker, and Diana Tourjee. FSA successfully raised over $20,000 in December of 2014 and is currently incorporating. The archival of Flawless' lifework is taking place in New York City by Diana Tourjee.

In the near future Flawless Sabrina Archive will be taken on tour to accessible exhibition venues. The collection will be used in a variety of ways to inform and further develop current movements in the arts and politics. It is the foundation of FSA and will inspire and direct future projects. Eventually this collection will find a home at an appropriate institution whose intentions and values are in line with Flawless Sabrina’s ethos of community development and empowerment. It will always be accessible, whether on tour or permanent public display.

Flawless Sabrina Archive Mission Statement

  The mission of Flawless Sabrina Archive is to preserve the lifework of Flawless Sabrina as a resource for artists, activists, and scholars. The research and documentation conducted by FSA will be used to incite intergenerational discourse for the benefit of current movements in the arts and politics. The collection will be regularly shown and made available to the public. It is the foundation of the organization’s expanding scope, inspiring future projects in order to continue the work of our namesake indefinitely. Flawless Sabrina Archive resides at the convergence of the past and present in countercultural subject matter, enriching society through the documentation of history and the empowerment of difference.

  The archive includes film, sculpture, writing, photography, painting, and music. Much, but not all of these works were produced by Flawless Sabrina. Some are by other notable artists who she has collaborated with. John Waters, Norman Mailer, William Burroughs, Andy Warhol, and Diane Arbus are some of Flawless Sabrina’s contemporaries whose collaborative work is found in this archive. FSA also includes a significant amount of work by modern artists such as Luke Gilford, Wu Tsang, Michelle Handelman, Zackary Drucker, and Curtis Carman. Together, their work provides additional context for Flawless Sabrina as an influential and important figure in the second half of the twentieth century and into the 21st.