Flawless Summer

It's been seven months since the successful fundraising campaign! What began one year ago as a dream to preserve Sabrina's work became a reality last winter, and the last half-year has been a daze with Sabrina, Diana Tourjee, Zackary Drucker, and FSA's stunning interns Leah James and Mars Hobrecker.

In March Diana Tourjee completed the proposal for a book that will tell Sabrina's story. As we work hard to see that come to fruition, we're also looking forward to the exhibition of her archive. In the meantime, we're busy cataloguing the collection, restoring an original 16MM film she made in 1976 with Rudolf Nureyev's lover/archivist Wallace Potts, and curating a small selection from the archive to be exhibited at Cooper Union in October.

If you missed this recent press in The New York Times - check it out! Sabrina was interviewed in March for a column on language, this piece looked into the word 'Flawless' - naturally the author looked toward Sabrina when they wondered how the word came into popular parlance.

On June 15th we received approval on our application for 501c3 NonProfit status. Flawless Sabrina Archive Inc. was made possible by the tireless efforts of the Winston & Strawn law firm in Manhattan, who graciously have taken us on probono to aid in the formation of this NPO. Through FSA Inc. we intend to raise awareness of transgender issues.

On July 11th Flawless Sabrina and Diana Tourjee performed at the Le Petite Versailles garden on the Lower East Side. They shared the stage with Reina Gossett, Grace Dunham, M.Lamar, and Morgan Bassichis. It was an incredible evening where we were able to share some of the work we've been doing with the community, Sabrina spoke words of encouragement and wisdom.

Keep your eyes peeled for news and upcoming events! We'll be posting more information about the show at Cooper Union as well as a panel that we're putting together with the New York Public Library this fall/early winter.

We could never have come this far without the support we received in December of 2014, and we continue to strive toward the mission we began one year ago - to preserve the life work of our dear Jack Doroshow, one of this world's most precious cultural icons.