Flawless Sabrina brings The Queen to IFC!

On Monday August 11th Queer/Art/Film brought Flawless Sabrina's legendary 1968 film, The Queen, back to the big screen at IFC's theater in the west village. Sabrina hosted the event and answered questions after the screening. The Queen was brought back to theaters in the early 90's at Film Forum in Manhattan, and Sabrina couldn't be more thrilled to continue sharing this vintage treasure again inn 2014, "It was such a treat, the whole thing form beginning to end was a big party and I reconnected with many friends I hadn't seen in too long," Flawless says, "the q&a was full of intelligent questions from the kids, who were remarkably generous, quite evolved."

The audience was packed with young people who'd both seen the film before and were witnessing it for the first time. Keeping The Queen alive by sharing it with today's generation of young people is an important way to bridge the trans-generational gap between queer people, keeping our elders close the heart of our community. It's hard not to fall in love with Sabrina. That sentiment was made clear by the audience response to the show, "The lady who runs the theatre said there were all sorts of people who'd come, but this was the first time a screening got a standing ovation!" Flawless said.

She's impressed by the kids, and has been enjoying all her projects of late, including the tarot readings offered out of her home on the Upper East Side. "The readings are just brilliant, the dynamic between people and those cards have been very useful, its always helpful when it can reinforce people, to bring positivity into their lives."

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