Memorial Service

Please join us at a memorial service to celebrate the life and legacy of Flawless Sabrina/Jack Doroshow at noon on Sunday, March 18th at Performance Space New York (formerly Performance Space 122), located at 150 First Avenue at Ninth Street in New York's East Village. 

Flawless/Jack was a sage in the LGBTQ community and is missed and remembered by countless people who s/he inspired through their courage and unrelenting compassion. From Doroshow's historic drag pageants of the 1960s to his work in the entertainment industry, nightlife, and politics, his lifelong activism and art lives on today. Please join Doroshow's family and friends at this community event to celebrate the life of one of our most important and valuable community members as we collectively grieve their loss.

We know that Flawless/Jack had friends and loved ones distributed throughout the country and the world. Please share with those folks who had a connection to Flawless/Jack and would want to be present, including those who may not be on social media.

All attendees MUST RSVP VIA EMAIL to by Sunday, March 11th. 

the family and friends of
Jack Doroshow/Flawless Sabrina

Flawless Sabrina Memorial

As many of you have heard, Jack Doroshow passed away on Saturday. He was with his loved ones in his final days and hours. We have received many inquiries from people asking about a memorial service for him. There will be a public memorial, it is currently being planned by his family and close friends, and we will ensure that information about the memorial is made publicly available as soon as possible.

Please check back here for updates on that, but we anticipate the memorial will take place within the next two months in New York City. Thank you all for your loving words during this difficult time.

Diana Tourjée

Flawless Summer

It's been seven months since the successful fundraising campaign! What began one year ago as a dream to preserve Sabrina's work became a reality last winter, and the last half-year has been a daze with Sabrina, Diana Tourjee, Zackary Drucker, and FSA's stunning interns Leah James and Mars Hobrecker.

In March Diana Tourjee completed the proposal for a book that will tell Sabrina's story. As we work hard to see that come to fruition, we're also looking forward to the exhibition of her archive. In the meantime, we're busy cataloguing the collection, restoring an original 16MM film she made in 1976 with Rudolf Nureyev's lover/archivist Wallace Potts, and curating a small selection from the archive to be exhibited at Cooper Union in October.

If you missed this recent press in The New York Times - check it out! Sabrina was interviewed in March for a column on language, this piece looked into the word 'Flawless' - naturally the author looked toward Sabrina when they wondered how the word came into popular parlance.

On June 15th we received approval on our application for 501c3 NonProfit status. Flawless Sabrina Archive Inc. was made possible by the tireless efforts of the Winston & Strawn law firm in Manhattan, who graciously have taken us on probono to aid in the formation of this NPO. Through FSA Inc. we intend to raise awareness of transgender issues.

On July 11th Flawless Sabrina and Diana Tourjee performed at the Le Petite Versailles garden on the Lower East Side. They shared the stage with Reina Gossett, Grace Dunham, M.Lamar, and Morgan Bassichis. It was an incredible evening where we were able to share some of the work we've been doing with the community, Sabrina spoke words of encouragement and wisdom.

Keep your eyes peeled for news and upcoming events! We'll be posting more information about the show at Cooper Union as well as a panel that we're putting together with the New York Public Library this fall/early winter.

We could never have come this far without the support we received in December of 2014, and we continue to strive toward the mission we began one year ago - to preserve the life work of our dear Jack Doroshow, one of this world's most precious cultural icons.

Flawless Sabrina Archive

This December over $20,000 was successfully raised on Kickstarter to fund the creation of a collaborative project between Flawless Sabrina, Zackary Drucker, and Diana Tourjee called Flawless Sabrina Archive!

The support for FSA has so far been overwhelming and we are thrilled to find funding to start this important work. The archive is essentially a collection of Flawless Sabrina's lifework, it is a series of photographs, written works, paintings, sculptures, films, ephemera, and music that illustrate the significance of Flawless Sabrina as an early trans archetype, and herald of progress in the underground of art and politics

Our immediate priority is to get the incredible incentives that were so generously donated out to donors. We will be sending these books, t-shirts, prints, and more in the coming weeks - so look for a package from FSA coming your way if you donated and picked a prize!

We'd like to thank each and every person who contributed in one way or another to this project's creation. By sharing this campaign with your circles, donating, and speaking up in support of what we're doing - you have helped give life to something that will continue shaping and enlightening culture for years to come. The many artists who put forth their work as incentives in this fundraiser helped show us why community is crucial in this endeavor.

The blog of will be the journal of FSA's progress in the coming weeks and months. We will use this space to share with you our progress, keeping you up-to-date and us all connected as this keeps growing. We have big goals and look forward to having you with us as we rise toward them. You're also able to subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of this website to be kept directly in-the-know moving forward.

We have found a wonderful law firm to take us on pro-bono and are currently in the process of incorporating FSA as a Non-Profit Organization. Initial paperwork is being filed this week, we're meeting with the lawyer on Friday 1/2/15 - starting off the New Year right!! Thanks - we look forward to talking again soon! Stay FLAWLESS!


Flawless Sabrina Archive Mission Statement

  The mission of Flawless Sabrina Archive is to preserve the lifework of Flawless Sabrina as a resource for artists, activists, and scholars. The research and documentation conducted by FSA will be used to incite intergenerational discourse for the benefit of current movements in the arts and politics. The collection will be regularly shown and made available to the public. It is the foundation of the organization’s expanding scope, inspiring future projects in order to continue the work of our namesake indefinitely. Flawless Sabrina Archive resides at the convergence of the past and present in countercultural subject matter, enriching society through the documentation of history and the empowerment of difference.

  The archive includes film, sculpture, writing, photography, painting, and music. Much, but not all of these works were produced by Flawless Sabrina. Some are by other notable artists who she has collaborated with. John Waters, Norman Mailer, William Burroughs, Andy Warhol, and Diane Arbus are some of Flawless Sabrina’s contemporaries whose collaborative work is found in this archive. FSA also includes a significant amount of work by modern artists such as Luke Gilford, Wu Tsang, Michelle Handelman, Zackary Drucker, and Curtis Carman. Together, their work provides additional context for Flawless Sabrina as an influential and important figure in the second half of the twentieth century and into the 21st.


Flawless Sabrina brings The Queen to IFC!

On Monday August 11th Queer/Art/Film brought Flawless Sabrina's legendary 1968 film, The Queen, back to the big screen at IFC's theater in the west village. Sabrina hosted the event and answered questions after the screening. The Queen was brought back to theaters in the early 90's at Film Forum in Manhattan, and Sabrina couldn't be more thrilled to continue sharing this vintage treasure again inn 2014, "It was such a treat, the whole thing form beginning to end was a big party and I reconnected with many friends I hadn't seen in too long," Flawless says, "the q&a was full of intelligent questions from the kids, who were remarkably generous, quite evolved."

The audience was packed with young people who'd both seen the film before and were witnessing it for the first time. Keeping The Queen alive by sharing it with today's generation of young people is an important way to bridge the trans-generational gap between queer people, keeping our elders close the heart of our community. It's hard not to fall in love with Sabrina. That sentiment was made clear by the audience response to the show, "The lady who runs the theatre said there were all sorts of people who'd come, but this was the first time a screening got a standing ovation!" Flawless said.

She's impressed by the kids, and has been enjoying all her projects of late, including the tarot readings offered out of her home on the Upper East Side. "The readings are just brilliant, the dynamic between people and those cards have been very useful, its always helpful when it can reinforce people, to bring positivity into their lives."

    Schedule a reading with Flawless Sabrina today!